Designing the perfect storage solution for your practice: from the outset

Moving premises? Starting from scratch? Inspired by others’ entries in the BVHA Design Awards, or just had enough of the layout in your old place? Whether you’re planning a refurbishment of your practice buildings, the conversion of an existing property to fit its new veterinary role, or the construction of a completely new building, it’s important to get everything right from the start. How frustrating is it when you’re working in your existing premises and nothing’s in quite the right place? How much more frustrated will you be if that also happens in your new or updated premises?

A new-build or refurbishment could be your one chance in years, if not decades, to style the practice layout to your needs, and that’s as true for your storage areas as it is for the reception, the consulting rooms, or the inpatient areas.  Efficient use of the space available – in older, converted, buildings where rooms are not quite the right size or shape, as well as in veterinary surgeries built on smaller plots where floor-space is at a premium – means that a place can be made for everything, and every item can be quickly located as, and when, it’s needed.

Not everyone’s an interior design wizard though, and that’s where a new service from Gratnells can really help. Our Storage Planning Advisor David Moore has years of experience at helping schools and hospitals solve their storage planning problems, and now his services are available to veterinary customers too and it’s completely free. After measuring up and assessing the space available, David will use Gratnells’ own 3D planning software to find the optimal combination of frames, trolleys and accessories that suits your storage needs. This will ensure that the space is used to its best advantage, even in some of the more unusual buildings that have been converted into veterinary surgeries over the years!

It’s not just about fitting the size of the space, though. With David’s experience and expertise at planning storage solutions in a wide range of locations, he can also advise on which combinations of frames, trolleys and trays will best suit your needs. Should you choose the classic or the compact range? How many of each size of tray or basket do you need? How many sections should you divide each tray into? Do you want one, or two, units with shelves instead of trays? Should your portable trolleys have easy to clean stainless steel tops? David can answer all of these questions and more.

Take advantage of this new design and measure service quickly, before there is a waiting list. Just call Gratnells  on o500 829406 or drop us an email to make an appointment.

Or, if you’ve already come up with the perfect solution to your storage needs, why not let Gratnells know so that your ideas can be incorporated into the storage ‘Gold Standard’? Send your stories to [email protected] and help make this blog, as well as the forthcoming ebook (to be based on real-life examples of veterinary practices), into a Gold Standard on veterinary storage solutions.

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