Storage for Veterinary Bandaging Supplies

When there is a dressing emergency, or a scheduled bandage change: do you have everything to hand? It’s easy for different sized bandages to be mixed up in a grab-box or drawers.  Splints can get buried under rolls and rolls of gauze, padding and cohesive bandages.

How do your keep your bandaging supplies organised and at hand in your Veterinary practice?

A veterinary storage trolley, a dressings trolley, with a place for everything makes easy access to required bandages, splints, gauze, padding and adhesive bandages.  It also makes restocking simple: pull out each tray, spot the gaps, and refill them.

Storage Trolleys can be prepared at the end of one day to be used the next, saving time when you need it most.

With our Compact 5-tray storage trolley, you can lay out all your consumables in advance, and then the trolley can be taken to the patient on anti-static wheels. The removable trays come in four depths and a range of colours, and the shallow trays can be enhanced by optional inserts, dividing each tray into three, four, six or eight sections.  For further peace of mind and easier cleaning, all of our trolleys are easy to clean and are coated with SteriTouch® powder to reduce growth of harmful bacteria and mould.

Veterinary Storage Gold Standard

Tell us about how you organise your bandaging supplies? We are working to establish a Veterinary storage ‘Gold Standard’, and invite Veterinary staff to share their tips by email to [email protected]  Write a post and we’ll publish it on this blog.

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