About us

Gratnells is a family-run business with over 100 years of history and over 40 years' experience in manufacturing storage solutions for the demanding education and human medicine sectors. More recently, the company has turned this expertise to developing a range of solutions specifically tailored to the needs of veterinary practices.


Storage solutions built for veterinary practices

The robust Gratnells Veterinary storage units, storage trolleys and trays work together to form a complete solution that is quickly becoming an integral part of the working day for veterinary practices large and small, no matter what species they treat.

Storage trolleys and trays

All members of the practice team love the way the highly adaptable Gratnells Veterinary trolleys and trays allow effective organisation in advance for every procedure and patient. Mobile trolleys can be equipped with whatever supplies are needed then moved quickly and smoothly from room to room, depending on patient needs. Removable inserts allow trays to be divided into sections for easy location of individual items, and an assortment of available colours means that each tray can be matched to the patient or function for which it has been set up. By ensuring that everything is to hand when needed, procedure times are reduced, and so are patient recovery times.

Storage units

The trays and baskets in the Gratnells Veterinary freestanding storage units give clear stock visibility, which speeds up the process of loading each trolley, as well as reducing both costly stock wastage and inconvenient out-of-stock issues. Units can be supplied in a variety of heights and widths, maximising storage no matter the size or shape of the rooms available.


All Gratnells Veterinary storage units, trolleys and trays are treated with BioCote®, a leading brand in antimicrobial protection.

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