Kicking off our five days of ‘name that bacterium’ quizzes, we have quite a celebrity organism today. Best known as a ‘superbug’ in humans, this bacterium can also cause infections in dogs, cats and horses especially.

Can you name the bacterium? Here are some clues about today’s mystery bacterium:

  • Most commonly it causes difficult-to-treat infections in skin wounds and at surgical sites, but it can also be the main organism in other disease processes, including pneumonia.
  • Good hygiene is essential in preventing the spread of this bacterium, although it is believed that infected humans are more likely to pass it to healthy animals than the other way around!
  • Remember your microbiology lectures, it’s a spherical gram-positive bacterium with a tendency to form grape-like clusters as the colony grows.

Can you name the bacterium? Send us your answer (with your name) to [email protected] 

All correct answers will be entered in the draw to win a free Gratnells trolley at the end of the week.

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