Infection Control: Towards a Germ-free Environment

I’m writing this on a hot summer’s day, and thinking about ALE. As an acronym, that is. Your storage system may be Accessible – everyone can reach everything, and the most commonly used items are to hand with the minimum of bending and stretching. It may be Logical – items are stored according to a system that the whole team can get to grips with and remember easily without confusing different products that come in similar packaging. But is it Easy to keep clean? Not just superficially clean, either, but clean all around the units as well as free from moulds and from harmful bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella, and MRSA.

The frames and trolleys in the Gratnells Veterinary ranges are coated with SteriTouch® – a well-known and trusted antimicrobial powder used in a wide variety of everyday items from hot-air hand-dryers to appliance remote controls, and high-chairs. SteriTouch is based on ionic silver, and will continue to complement your normal cleaning routines consistently for the entire lifetime of your storage system. So no matter how often you need to clean a particular unit, you can be sure that the SteriTouch is working in conjunction with your chosen disinfectant products to reduce the possibility of any contamination lingering or spreading.

Cleaning frequency isn’t your only consideration though. How easy is it for you to clean all around your storage units, as well as underneath and in all the little nooks and crannies? With a Gratnells storage system, the units are easy to clean under, trolleys can be easily moved to clean behind them, and the trays can be easily pulled out of their runners in order to clean all around them.

But you will know your own storage system best. Set up a cleaning protocol that means everything gets cleaned – and cleaned around – at a frequency that works for you. Maybe you prefer to clean dental and surgical trolleys superficially after each procedure, and completely at the end of each day, but give your dispensary a really thorough clean slightly less often. Who does the bulk of the cleaning in your practice? Is everyone working harmoniously and efficiently, or do you need to remind some of them about the protocol. What works best for your team?

Send your stories to [email protected] and help get your cleaning procedures into the Gold Standard on veterinary storage solutions.

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