Gratnells on the front line

Gratnells is concentrating production efforts on our range of medical trolleys, currently in high demand as part of the fight against the Covid 19 pandemic. The trolleys, with an antimicrobial coating to help with infection control, are used by health professionals for the storage of face masks, gloves and medical instruments.

Our Harlow factory, which supplies worldwide markets in both education and the medical sector, is operating continuous shifts to meet demand for the medical trolleys, with recent orders to support the new Nightingale Hospital in Docklands.

Our production staff have been trained in good hygiene control, and are working in revised work patterns to observe safe social distancing. The supply chain for raw materials is robust, and any spare capacity is being used to build for stock, to enable immediate dispatch of new orders.

Supporting frontline staff – whether it be teachers or health professionals – is always a major focus for Gratnells. In these difficult times, we are happy and keen to help in the fight against coronavirus.

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